How to Do Your Own Paper Transfer Nail Art

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How to Do Your Own Paper Transfer Nail Art:- A cool way to make a one-of-a-kind nail art design is with paper transfer nail art. If you compare it to water painting or gel manicures, it doesn’t take a lot of time or supplies to finish. You also don’t need to be very talented to pull this off. To make this nail art, all you’ll need is some water or rubbing alcohol and some time. You can use magazine cutouts, newspapers, and even colorful paper drawings to make nail art with this guide.

How to Do Your Own Paper Transfer Nail Art

Step 1: Put on a basecoat and base colour

  • To start, put a basecoat on your nails to keep them safe. Use a solid white base as a nice background. You should wait until your nails are dry before adding the paper nail art.

Step 2: Put your finger in the cup of alcohol

  • Put some liquor in a small cup, and then soak your finger in it. You can also use water, but rubbing alcohol makes the transfer more clear.

Step 3: Put the paper on the nail

  • Right away, put one of the squares of paper with the picture facing down on your nail. Wait for about 30 seconds, then carefully take it off. It will show a better pattern the longer you press it.
  • On all the other nails, do the same thing. To keep the paper from getting smudged, don’t move it around.

Step 4: Use a top coat to protect

  • Do not put on a top coat for about 5 minutes. This will help keep the design safe and make your nail art look nice and shiny.
How to Do Your Own Paper Transfer Nail Art
How to Do Your Own Paper Transfer Nail Art

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This is the finished item!

  • Also, you’ll notice that your nails start to look a little gray. There are different kinds of paper that you can use. After, it will look like this!

How to Do Paper Transfer Nail Art

  • Would you like to see more nail art patterns made with paper transfers? These are my top picks!

1. Burned Paper Nails

  • This paper nail art is really cool! People will be curious about how you did it because it looks like it was burned.

2. Flowers And Paper Transfer

  • I love how simple and classy this design is. Put roses and other flowers on top of your paper nail art!

3. Japanese Newspaper

  • Try magazines and foreign newspapers. Cute Japanese paper transfer nails!
  • Way easier than it appears, right? Paper transfer nail art is easy and affordable!
  • No special ingredients are needed for this unusual nail art creation!
  • Share your paper transfer nail success in the comments!

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