How To Make Gorgeous Golden Lightning Tape Nail Art

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How To Make Gorgeous Golden Lightning Tape Nail Art:- Do you want some edgy nail art to go with your stylish outfit? Then you’ll love this beautiful lesson on how to do golden lightning tape nail art! It can be hard to paint straight lines on your nails, especially if your hands are shaking. It would also be hard to do zigzags! The best way to handle this? A piece of tape! Without your beloved tape that can do many things, your nails will not look as good as they will.

How To Make Gorgeous Golden Lightning Tape Nail Art

Step 1: Base Coat First

  • Always start nail art with your go-to base coat. This will help the colours of your paint stand out more and keep your nails safe from acids. Put the base coat on all of your nails and let them dry before you start the base colour.

Step 2: Apply Base Colour 

  • Cover your nails in black paint. Black Out by Sally Hansen has a great recipe, so you won’t have to add more than one coat to make the base color really opaque. Let your base color dry all the way through before going on to the next step.

Step 3: Tape Preparation

  • As soon as your nails are dry, cut your roll of tape in half across the middle. They don’t need to be huge, but they should go over at least half of your nail. They don’t even have to be the same size; when you tape them on your nail, they’ll cover each other.
How To Make Gorgeous Golden Lightning Tape Nail Art
How To Make Gorgeous Golden Lightning Tape Nail Art

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Step 4: Place Tapes On Nail

  • One of your tapes should be placed on your nail at an angle. The second tape should go over the first one, but it should be a little higher.
  • This should look like a lightning strike on one side. Before you start painting your nails, make sure that all of the sides are stuck on well so that there are no leaks.

Step 5: Paint Your Golden Lightning

  • You can paint the bottom half of your nails with the gold nail color now that the tapes are in place.
  • You can paint over the tape because you will be taking it off later. To get a smooth line later, make sure there are no gaps between the tape.
  • You can make your gold polish sparkle even more by adding more glitter on top of it. Then slowly take off the tape to show your golden lightning on one side.

Step 6: White Nail Tips

  • Do not put the tapes back on until the golden polish is dry. You can use brand-new ones or clean off the shine from the ones you’ve already used.
  • They should be put in the same place, but 0.5 cm lower than they were before. Before you paint the edge of your nail with a rich white polish, make sure the sides are tight so that the polish doesn’t leak.
  • When you take off the tape, you’ll see the golden lightning between the black and white finishes.

Step 7: Apply Top Coat

  • The golden lightning will be in the middle of the black and white shine after you peel off the tape. Use a top coat that dries quickly to protect the image! This will protect the pattern and make your manicure shine, which will make it look even better.

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