Kit Kat Easter Basket Cake Recipe for Easter day 2024

Make a quick and easy Easter Basket Cake with this free cake decorating tutorial! This Kit Kat Easter Basket Cake is excellent for Easter parties!  


– Your cake of choice. We started with a cake tier that was 6 inches wide and about 4 inches tall. – Classic Vanilla Buttercream Frosting – White Chocolate Kit Kats (we used the snack size as that is what was available-- I needed 16 of the small snack sizes packs which have two Kit Kat bars per pack rather than the usual four.) – Hershey Egg – Brown Paper Wrapped Wire in a sturdy yet pliable gauge). Our wires were 18 inches however if you need longer you can attach two pieces for additional length.- As an alternative, you can fold card stock around sturdy floral wire, and wrap it with ribbon as usual. – Decorative ribbon for wrapping around handle. – White Chocolate Bunny - (Use whatever you like, I used a Lindt white chocolate bunny) – Ribbon for bunny- optional. I attached with a little piping gel

After putting a thin layer of frosting on top of your tier and filling it, take the Kit Kats out of the package and set them to the side.   

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Second, cover the whole thing with frosting. Next, start putting the candy all the way around.  

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I used two brown paper-covered wires to make the handle for my Easter basket. Wrap the wires in ribbon.   

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Shape it into the shape you want, and then push each end into a straw to make a barrier and hold it in place on the cake. Based on the height of the cake, you may need to cut the straw.  

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After pressing the handle into the cake, add the White Chocolate Bunny, Eggs, Easter grass (which can be eaten or piped with a wire tip), and so on.  

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