“Bopping his meat every night to John Cena” – Roman Reigns calls 27-year WWE legend a “di*k rider” 

In a recent interview, WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns stirred controversy by referring to a 27-year legend in the wrestling world as a "di*k rider." 

Reigns, known for his outspoken nature, didn't hold back when discussing his fellow wrestler.  

He made headlines with his blunt comments, suggesting a lack of respect for the veteran in question.  

The remark came during a discussion about wrestling culture and the challenges of maintaining authenticity in the industry. 

Fans and fellow wrestlers alike have been divided in their reactions, with some defending Reigns' right to speak his mind while others criticize his choice of words. 

This incident adds fuel to the ongoing debate surrounding professionalism and respect in the world of professional wrestling. 

As tensions rise, it remains to be seen whether this verbal jab will escalate into further drama within the WWE community.

The incident serves as a reminder of the intense rivalries and personal animosities that often fuel the world of professional wrestling. 

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