‘Shame on You’: Stephen Colbert Torn Apart for Spreading Affair Rumors About Cancer-Stricken Kate Middleton and Prince William 

In a controversial move, Stephen Colbert faces backlash for allegedly spreading affair rumors concerning cancer-stricken Kate Middleton and Prince William 

Critics slam Colbert, branding his actions as irresponsible and insensitive. 

The late-night host's remarks sparked widespread condemnation across social media platforms 

Many assert that such baseless gossip crosses ethical boundaries, especially given Middleton's health struggles.  

Supporters of the royal couple defend them vehemently, denouncing Colbert's remarks as unfounded and hurtful.  

The incident reignites debates surrounding media ethics and the dissemination of unverified information.  

Amidst the furor, Colbert's camp remains silent, refraining from issuing any formal statements. 

As public outrage mounts, the episode serves as a reminder of the delicate balance between entertainment and respect for personal boundaries. 

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