You have the eyes of an eagle if you can find a photographer in the valley in 7 seconds!

The picture shows a lovely valley landscape with pine trees lining both sides of the valley.

This image shows a photographer in the act of taking shots of the valley. The readers have seven seconds to locate the photographer.

The photographer can only be promptly located by individuals possessing eagle-like vision.

Now is the beginning of your time! Take a close look at the image; did you notice anything strange?

You can identify the photographer in the picture if you examine it closely.

It is difficult to notice the photographer at first sight because he has merged in with the surroundings so seamlessly.

It's possible that some of our perceptive readers have already located the photographer in the valley. Well done! You have a really keen sense of detail.

For those who were unable to locate the photographer, the solution is provided above.

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