You have hawk like eyes if you can find the odd train in 3 seconds!

A set of trains is seen traveling along specified tracks in the picture that was posted above.

 You have three seconds to identify the train that stands out from the others among the fleet.

This is the beginning of your time. Take a close look at the picture; the train is visible someplace.

You can increase your cognitive function and attention span by tackling problems of this nature, which will make you more perceptive and intelligent.

Examine the picture one last time, quickly; chances are excellent your eyes will recognize the unusual train this time.

By now, hopefully most of you readers have seen the strange train in the picture. Congratulations! Your accomplishment is greatly valued by us.

It makes sense that you have excellent observation abilities and razor-sharp eyes.

 Are you curious as to where the peculiar train is hidden in the picture? Examine the response provided above.

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