White Velvet Cake Recipe For Easter Day 2024

This white cake is soft, moist, and full of flavour! You'll never need another white cake recipe.

– 8 oz (226g) cream cheese, softened (we used one 8 oz package, full fat.) – ▢1 ½ sticks (168g) unsalted butter, softened – ▢2 cups (400g) sugar – ▢6 egg whites room temperature – ▢3 cups (342g) cake flour See notes if substitution is needed. – ▢2 teaspoons (8g) baking powder – ▢½ teaspoon (3g) baking soda – ▢½ teaspoon (3g) salt – ▢1 cup (242g) buttermilk (See Notes for substitution) – ▢¼ cup (54g) vegetable oil (We use canola oil) – ▢2 teaspoons (8g) Clear Vanilla Extract (You can use real vanilla extract if you would rather but the cake will not be quite as light in color) WHIPPED CREAM FILLING – ▢1 cup (240g) heavy cream – ▢¼ (29g) cup powdered sugar – ▢1 (4g) teaspoon vanilla extract CLASSIC VANILLA BUTTERCREAM – ▢2 sticks (226g) unsalted butter, softened. slightly softened but cool to the touch and holding it's shape – ▢6 cups (690 grams) powdered sugar You can adjust the sugar amount up or down based on your consistency preferences. – ▢2 tsp. (8g) vanilla extract (use clear imitation vanilla if you like a whiter frosting) – ▢⅓ cup (72g) milk or cream, more if needed – ▢½ teaspoon (3g) salt


Start with a 325-degree oven. Grease and flour three 8-inch pans and line with wax or parchment. Set aside 6 egg whites for this recipe. Reserve them in a basin.

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Set aside flour, baking powder, baking soda, and salt after 30 seconds in a medium bowl. Mix buttermilk, vegetable oil, and vanilla in another bowl. Set aside.

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Beat butter and cream cheese in the mixer bowl on medium speed until smooth. Add sugar slowly and mix on medium for 2-3 minutes.

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After adding each egg white, mix on low speed to incorporate. Start and finish with the flour mixture alternating with the milk mixture in the mixer on low speed.

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Combine batter without overmixing. Pour batter into three pans.Bake 28–30 minutes at 325 degrees F until a toothpick put into the centre comes out clean or with crumbs.

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Before turning out, let pans cool on wire racks for 5-10 minutes. *Timing varies when baking. This recipe makes 7 ½ cups of batter.

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Baking cupcakes without dome. Vanilla or white cake baked from scratch has a smaller dome.Let the mixing bowl and whisk attachment freeze for 10 minutes.

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Combine whipping cream, powdered sugar, and vanilla in the chilled bowl. Beat moderately, then medium-high.  

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Be cautious not to overmix while the cream thickens (1 ½ minutes) and forms firm peaks. This happens fast! When beaters are raised, "stiff peak" peaks form and hold. 

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The time has come.Smooth slightly softened butter. Add vanilla. Pour in half the powdered sugar and most the milk. Mix powdered sugar at medium speed.

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Keep scraping basin sides as you mix remaining powdered sugar and milk on medium speed for 3–4 minutes. A sluggish mixer. Kitchenaid #2, 1–2 minutes. 

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Buttercream deflates. Smoothens out.Divide the recipe.Produces 4 ½ cups frosting.Buttercream shallow? Put sugar on it. Too much? Try milk.

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