Spot 3 differences between the farmer in field pictures in 15 seconds!

A farmer is seen working in the field in the picture shared above. The two images seem to be nearly identical at first sight.

However, closer inspection reveals several differences between the two photos.Under 15 seconds, readers must notice three differences between the two photos.  

This is the beginning of your time! One useful exercise to gauge readers' attention spans is the "spot the difference" task.

Distinctions can be easy or hard to perceive.The image should be carefully examined and all alterations noted.   

According to studies, these kinds of activities activate the parts of the brain linked to memory and focus. 

A painting depicting a picture-perfect village with a pond can be seen in the image provided above. This photo has a hidden lion, as the title says.

Check out the solution if you were unable to identify the differences up until this point.

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