Scream Franchise’s Potential Supernatural Storyline Gets Blunt Response From Villain Actor WWE Complaints 

Actor Roger L. Jackson, known for voicing the iconic villain Ghostface in the "Scream" franchise,  

delivered a blunt response regarding potential supernatural storylines in the series.  

Jackson firmly dismissed the idea, stating, "I don't think that's the direction they're going in." 

Fans speculated about a supernatural twist after the release of "Scream (2022)," but Jackson's comments suggest otherwise.  

The franchise, renowned for its grounded approach to horror, may continue to focus on human-driven narratives.  

Jackson's statement aligns with the franchise's traditional emphasis on real-world fears and psychological terror. 

As discussions about the future of "Scream" persist, Jackson's words offer insight into the creative direction of the beloved horror series.  

Fans eagerly await further updates on the franchise's trajectory and potential sequels. 

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