Palette Knife Roses In Buttercream Recipe For Easter Day 2024

Through our cake guide, you will learn how to create stunning buttercream roses using a palette knife.


– I decorated a six inch double barrel cake (which is 4 cake layers with a cake cardboard halfway up and 5 bubble tea straw supports beneath)- You could create a similar design on cakes of any size. – ▢Vanilla Buttercream- I used our fluffy vanilla buttercream- our classic buttercream is a good option also. – ▢Palette Knife- A small offset tapered spatula would give you a similar look if you don't have a palette knife. My palette knife the actual part used for spreading buttercream is about 2.5 inches but a similar size would work well also. – ▢Coloring Gels used: Americolor Deep Pink Electric Green, Avocado Green, Lemon Yellow – ▢Silicone Pastry Brush: Optional - used to create light texture on the buttercream – ▢Miscellaneous; Wax paper/parchment bench scraper/offset spatula for applying & smoothing buttercream, turntable (optional but helpful), cake cardboards- my cake is resting on it's own cake cardboard, and has another cake cardboard halfway up with supports beneath because of the double barrel (tall) cake design.

After frosting the cake, I used my plastic pastry brush to add texture to the sides of the cake by moving it up and down in straight lines.

Rounded Banner With Dots



I used a buttercream palette knife to add a small wreath of leaves in different shades of green to the cake. 

Rounded Banner With Dots


I went from left to right across the top and then down. I used a palette knife to make a few pink buttercream flowers. 

Rounded Banner With Dots


I then added a few more leaves as needed and some pink buttercream dots and white buttercream dots that I piped here and there.

Rounded Banner With Dots


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