Optical illusion: You must find the hidden sausage among the cats

Optical illusions have always been interesting to people because they are so good at tricking the eyes and the brain.  

From the classic black-and-white spinning wheel to the viral dress color controversy, these illusions never fail to astound us with their visual richness.  

A fun game that can be hard to solve is the newest thing in the world of optical illusions.  

What was the duty? Find the secret sausage among a group of cats that all look the same. Are you sure you can do it?

One cat is dressed as a toast, while the others are cleaning themselves or looking confused. But there is only one sausage in all of this chaos.  

Since you only have nine seconds to find the missing sausage, the task is much tougher.


For ease, we highlighted the solution in the figure above.

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