Only the sharpest eyes can spot 3 differences between the old man with stick pictures in 12 seconds!

The illustration provided above shows readers images of an elderly man using a stick to move. At first view, the two images appear to be nearly identical.

However, closer inspection reveals several differences between the two photos.In about a minute, readers must identify three changes between the two photographs.

This is the beginning of your time!This task is designed to see how well you can distinguish minute variations between two identical images.

While some changes are more obvious than others, some are harder to pinpoint.  Take a good look at the picture and jot down any changes you see.

According to studies, these kinds of activities activate the parts of the brain linked to memory and focus. 

Congratulations to the readers who used their keen observational skills to identify every difference.

Those who are still looking can give up right now and go through the answers listed above.

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