New Orleans Bananas Foster Easiest Recipe Ever

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New Orleans Bananas Foster is a simple but gorgeous dessert for any night of the week. Keep this simple dessert recipe on hand.  


– 3 ripe banana – 6 tablespoons salted butter – 3/4 cup dark brown sugar packed – 1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon – pinch ground nutmeg – 1/4 cup spiced rum – vanilla ice cream to serve


After cutting the bananas in half lengthwise, the halves should be cut in half lengthwise and then placed aside. The bananas should be sliced in half lengthwise. In a large skillet, 

Step 1

combine the butter, brown sugar, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Cook the mixture over medium heat until it is soft and fragrant. Maintain a steady stirring motion over the mixture for approximately two minutes, 

Step 2

or until the butter and sugars have melted and combined. The bananas that have been cut should be placed in the pan, and the sauce should be allowed to coat them.  

Step 3

It is necessary to switch off the heat. A torch or lighter with a long handle should be used to light the rum on fire. After that, the rum should be added to the mixture.  

Step 4

Following that, you will need to wait until the rum has entirely evaporated before continuing with the process. When the time is right, the flame will be extinguished permanently. 

Step 5

Once the skillet is hot again, simmer for four more minutes to soften the bananas and thicken the sauce. 

Step 6

Enjoy bananas with vanilla ice cream and extra sauce. With vanilla ice cream, serve bananas.  

Step 7


-Calories: 281kcal -Carbohydrates: 41g -Protein: 1g -Fat: 12g -Saturated Fat: 7g -Polyunsaturated Fat: 0.5g -Monounsaturated Fat: 3g -Trans Fat: 0.5g -Cholesterol: 30mg -Sodium: 98mg -Potassium: 252mg -Fiber: 2g -Sugar: 34g -Vitamin A: 388IU -Vitamin C: 5mg -Calcium: 31mg -Iron: 0.4mg

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