Miles Morales' Movie Story Will Continue Before Beyond The Spider-Verse... On YouTube?!

The saga of Miles Morales will extend prior to "Beyond the Spider-Verse," potentially via YouTube.  

Reports suggest a prequel movie story in development, aiming to delve deeper into Morales' journey before the anticipated sequel. 

Fans anticipate an immersive experience exploring Morales' backstory, enriching the Spider-Verse narrative. 

The move to YouTube hints at innovative storytelling methods, possibly interactive or episodic formats. 

This expansion showcases the franchise's commitment to engaging audiences across various platforms.  

YouTube's vast reach could democratize access to the Spider-Verse universe, appealing to a diverse fan base. 

Details remain scarce, but excitement brews among fans eager for more Miles Morales content.  

The prequel's announcement underscores the character's enduring popularity and cultural significance. 

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