Leah McSweeney calls on Andy Cohen to APOLOGIZE over Kate Middleton 

In a recent turn of events, Leah McSweeney demands an apology from Andy Cohen regarding Kate Middleton conspiracy theories.  

McSweeney accuses the Bravo host of finding pleasure in being cruel to women, urging Cohen to take accountability. 

This call for apology comes after Blake Lively openly expressed regret over involvement with similar theories.  

McSweeney's statement highlights concerns over the impact of such rumors on public figures.  

The demand for accountability underscores the need for responsible media discourse 

Cohen's response to McSweeney's call remains awaited amid growing scrutiny.  

This incident amplifies ongoing discussions about the ethics of celebrity gossip and its repercussions. 

As debates continue, attention shifts towards the role of media figures in shaping public narratives.

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