Jalen Brunson reveals how iconic 3-point celebration originated 

Dallas Mavericks point guard Jalen Brunson recently unveiled the origins of his iconic 3-point celebration.  

Brunson disclosed that the signature move was inspired by his late father, Rick Brunson, who was also a professional basketball player.  

The celebration involves three fingers extended towards the sky, representing the three-point shot.  

According to Brunson, this gesture serves as a tribute to his father's guidance and influence on his basketball career.  

He expressed gratitude for his father's support and shared that the celebration brings him a sense of connection and motivation on the court 

Brunson's revelation adds depth to his on-court persona, resonating with fans and garnering admiration for his heartfelt homage 

The gesture has now become synonymous with Brunson's success on the court, symbolizing not just points scored but also the enduring bond between father and son.  

Fans eagerly anticipate seeing the iconic celebration after each successful 3-point shot, further cementing its place in basketball lore. 

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