How Homeowners Can Help Hummingbirds Prepare For Nesting Time

Native flowers feed hummingbirds and provide nesting females energy Hummingbirds can be attracted by planting trumpet vine, bee balm, and salvia in gardens.

Provide Hummingbird Feeders: Hummingbird feeders enhance natural nectar and supply nesting hummingbirds with food.

Maintain clean, nectar-filled feeders in predator-free areas.Hummingbirds need clean water to drink and bathe, especially when nesting and caring for their young.

People can give clean water in birdbaths or small dishes.Gardeners shouldn't use too many pesticides because they can kill songbirds and other animals. 

Choose natural pest control options like hand-picking or organic pesticides.  Sheltered Nesting Sites: Hummingbirds prefer protected nesting sites from predators and the elements.

Plant dense bushes or trees and place nesting items in protected regions to produce sheltered nesting habitats.

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