"Hit Me In The Face": Jake Gyllenhaal Details How Road House Remake Fights With Conor McGregor Got Too Real

In a surprising turn of events, actor Jake Gyllenhaal recounts the intensity of filming the Road House remake, revealing harrowing encounters with MMA star Conor McGregor 

Gyllenhaal divulges that scenes involving fights with McGregor escalated to dangerous levels, with one instance resulting in a punch to his face. 

The actor describes the experience as "too real," highlighting the authenticity McGregor brought to the set. 

Despite rigorous training, Gyllenhaal admits to being caught off guard by McGregor's ferocity during filming.  

Concerns over safety emerged as the clashes became increasingly intense, blurring the line between acting and real combat.  

Gyllenhaal's candid revelations shed light on the challenges of recreating high-octane fight scenes with a professional fighter.  

The incident serves as a testament to McGregor's formidable presence both inside and outside the MMA arena. 

As excitement mounts, audiences eagerly await the electrifying performances in this highly anticipated remake. 

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