Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire’s “For Ivan” Dedication Explained 

"For Ivan" dedication in Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire pays homage to Ivan Reitman, the original director of Ghostbusters franchise, who passed away in 2014. 

Reitman was instrumental in shaping the iconic film series.  

The dedication serves as a heartfelt tribute to his contributions to the Ghostbusters legacy. 

It signifies the profound impact Reitman had on the franchise and the film industry as a whole.  

"For Ivan" encapsulates the gratitude and respect felt by the creators towards his vision and creativity.  

It honors his legacy and ensures his memory lives on in the continuation of the Ghostbusters universe. 

The dedication resonates with fans, acknowledging Reitman's enduring influence on the beloved franchise. 

It symbolizes the deep appreciation for his work and the lasting legacy he leaves behind.