Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire Box Office Opening Weekend Continues Negative Franchise Trend

In a chilling turn of events for the Ghostbusters franchise, the latest installment, "Frozen Empire," debuted with a lackluster box office opening weekend 

Despite high expectations, the film struggled to captivate audiences, continuing a negative trend for the iconic series. 

With lukewarm reviews and tepid audience reception, "Frozen Empire" failed to reignite the fervor of its predecessors. 

The underwhelming performance raises questions about the future of the franchise and its ability to resonate with modern audiences. 

Analysts attribute the lack of enthusiasm to franchise fatigue and a failure to innovate.  

Ghostbusters loyalists expressed disappointment, hoping for a revival that would recapture the magic of the original films.  

As the box office numbers reflect a downward trajectory, the Ghostbusters franchise faces an uncertain future amidst a landscape crowded with blockbuster competition. 

As the Ghostbusters saga faces its coldest reception yet, hopes for a resurgence remain in question. 

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