Euro 2024: Rivaldo predicts country to win trophy 

In an exclusive interview, football legend Rivaldo has made his prediction for Euro 2024, tipping France to claim the coveted trophy 

Citing their formidable squad depth and recent successes, Rivaldo expressed confidence in France's ability to secure victory in the upcoming tournament.  

The Brazilian icon highlighted the talents of Mbappé, Pogba, and Varane as key assets for Les Bleus. 

Rivaldo's endorsement adds weight to France's status as one of the favorites for the championship.  

With Euro 2024 set to showcase the best of European football, anticipation is mounting among fans worldwide. 

Rivaldo's insight into the tournament outcome adds intrigue and excitement to the competition.  

Football enthusiasts eagerly await to see if Rivaldo's prediction will come to fruition as Euro 2024 approaches.  

The stage is set for a thrilling battle for European football supremacy. 

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