Can you solve this tricky math puzzle in 7 seconds?

A set of mathematical equations is shown in the image that was given above.  To get the right answer, readers must carefully examine the problem.

High-IQ and detail-oriented people will accomplish this fairly tough arithmetic problem faster.

Finding the underlying pattern in this challenging arithmetic problem is crucial to solving it.

The puzzle will be solved quickly after the pattern has been found. Have you noticed the pattern? There's not much time left, so move quickly.

Take another look at the picture and use the fundamentals of math to figure out the riddle.

This arithmetic puzzle may have been solved by some of the sharpest minds, while others may still be working on it.

Multiply the numbers on the left hand side and add the sum of their digits to get the value on the right hand side.

For example: 4+8 = 5 is obtained by multiplying 4 and 8 together, which is 32, and then adding the digits 3 and 2 together, making the number 5.

4*8 = 32, and 3 + 2 = 5. Similarly, following the same pattern, the missing value of 9+9 is found to be 9.

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