Brain Teaser Puzzle: You are a true genius if you can correct the mathematical equation in 4 seconds!

You can see a mathematical equation where 8 + 8 = 91 in the image given above. You have to fix this equation because it is erroneous.

The sole limitation is not moving or drawing numbers.It takes keen observation and pattern identification to tackle this brainteaser.

This is a moderately difficult puzzle, and people with strong intelligence and superb attention to detail should have no trouble solving it.

Novices might need a little more time, but they can get better with practice.

Have you figured out how to fix the equation? There's not much time left, so hurry up. Take another look at the picture to see if you can figure it out.

Time is up. Hopefully, the majority of our readers have figured out the riddle. While some people usually miss out.

I'm sure you're all curious to know the answer. Look at the answer in the section above.

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