Brain Teaser IQ Test: Solve the matchstick puzzle in 10 seconds!

The graphic above shows a matchstick equation. Equation shown: 8 + 3 = 3

Add the numbers and this is wrong. You must arrange the matchsticks to rectify the mathematical equation.

Ten seconds and one requirement remain. Condition is: Movement is limited to one matchstick.

Try to solve the puzzle in 10 seconds using your thinking hat. One must carefully analyze the image to answer this brain teaser puzzle.

Highly intelligent and detail-oriented people will solve this moderately difficult puzzle faster.

Did you complete the puzzle? I hope most of you have, but others may still be confused.

The equation can be corrected by moving one matchstick from the bottom right side of the number 8 and placing it on the left side of the number 3. 

Doing this makes the equation as: 6+3 = 9 Which is correct.

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