Brain Teaser for High-Level Thinkers: There are three matchsticks; can you make it 4 without breaking them?

Three matchsticks are arranged side by side in the picture that was provided above.

The readers have to figure out how to make them four without breaking any of the sticks.

This puzzle will put your mental acuity to the test. Are you up to the task? Now is the beginning of your time!

Examine the photograph and give it a thorough analysis. To finish the puzzle quickly, you must have a sharp mind.

Take careful note of the image; you may be getting close to finishing the puzzle.

Could you complete the puzzle in the allotted time? Those readers who have figured out the puzzle deserve congratulations.

The puzzle can be solved by changing the alignment of the matchsticks. In this way, it can be made the roman number IV(English 4) without breaking it. 

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