Blumhouse & Jennifer's Body Writer's 2024 Horror Flops Land Streaming Release Date

In a turn of events for Blumhouse and Jennifer's Body writer, 2024 horror films, previously anticipated for theatrical release, are now slated for streaming.  

Both productions, once hoped to reignite the genre's fervor, faced setbacks in reception and box office performance. 

WWE loyalists rally behind Reigns, defending the company's direction. The feud adds fuel to the ongoing rivalry between WWE and AEW factions. 

Blumhouse's project, boasting a promising premise, failed to captivate audiences, while Jennifer's Body writer's latest venture also fell short of expectations.  

As the horror landscape evolves, streaming platforms emerge as a refuge for such films seeking redemption beyond the big screen. 

Despite initial disappointment, hopes remain high for digital audiences to embrace these offerings.  

With release dates secured, viewers eagerly anticipate the opportunity to judge these productions anew in the comfort of their homes.  

The shift to streaming reaffirms the changing dynamics of the film industry, where success is no longer solely measured by theatrical receipts.

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