Austin Reaves says every game left is a ‘must-win’ for Lakers 

In a recent statement, Austin Reaves of the Los Angeles Lakers emphasized the critical nature of every remaining game, branding them as 'must-win' situations. 

With the Lakers fighting to secure a spot in the playoffs, Reaves stressed the significance of each game in their quest for postseason contention.  

The team's performance in the upcoming matches will be pivotal in determining their fate in the league.  

Reaves' remarks underscore the intense pressure facing the Lakers as they strive to meet their postseason aspirations.  

The Lakers' roster, plagued by injuries and inconsistent performances, faces a daunting challenge in their remaining schedule.  

Fans and analysts alike are closely monitoring the team's progress, recognizing the urgency of their situation. 

As the regular season draws to a close, the Lakers find themselves in a high-stakes battle for playoff qualification, heightening the significance of Reaves' 'must-win' mindset. 

With their sights set on the playoffs, the Lakers are poised to elevate their game and rise to the challenge ahead. 

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