6 Low-Calorie, High-Fiber Snacks for Weight Loss

Blueberry-Lemon Energy Balls 

You can create these delicious blueberry-lemon balls in minutes for a quick midday snack. Walnuts provide plant-based protein and energy, while maple syrup adds sweetness.

Banana Protein Muffins 

Peanut butter, Greek yogurt, and white whole-wheat flour give these banana muffins protein and fiber. Use them for breakfast or a quick snack.

Cranberry-Almond Energy Balls 

Energy balls are ideal make-ahead snacks. Energy balls with cranberries, almonds, oats, and dates are made in minutes. Maple syrup and tahini keep everything together and add sweetness and bitterness.

Roasted Buffalo Chickpeas 

Soaking chickpeas in vinegary spicy sauce gives them a delicious tang before baking. The result? Healthy but addictive crispy snack.

Pistachio & Peach Toast 

This breakfast is great when you have leftover ricotta cheese--plus it comes together in just 5 minutes. 

Avocado Hummus 

This beautiful green hummus is easy to make—just throw a few ingredients in the food processor and blend! This healthy dip is creamy thanks to aquafaba and avocado. With pita chips, crudités, or vegetable chips.

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