10 Fake Optical Illusion Photo

Just highly filled apartment towers from an unusual angle? These ancient Hong Kong Island apartments look like a glass and concrete canyon from the street. 

1. Computer motherboard?

Or soil magic? Mule Canyon's red sandstone cliffs in Utah look lit by the rising sun above Anasazi ruins.  

2.Four-alarm fire?

Does a strong reason exist to change course? A beautiful Arctic ice block broke off a glacier and floated in the North Sea near England, creating an optical illusion. 

3. Blue clay? 

Or Earth's stunning natural optical illusion? Grand Prismatic Spring in Yellowstone National Park is the largest US hot spring. 

4. Lava on another planet?

In Mauritius' clear sea, is it natural? This remarkable optical illusion shows the Mascarene Plateau, an Indian Ocean undersea shelf, pushing sand out. 

5.Underwater waterfall?

Coastal lakes? This photo of Lake Sørvágsvatn in the Faroe Islands, between Iceland and Norway, conveys an impression of being hundreds of feet above the lake. 

6. Penthouse pool?

An imaginative mural? It appears the person is heading into a skyscraper-filled city down the road. until you discover his nighttime destination! 

7. Road to nowhere? 

Is it brief? The Cherry Grove Pier at North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, spans 985 feet into the water, yet this optical illusion makes it seem endless. 

8. Infinity pier? 

Two zebras shoulder-to-shoulder? Besides their legs, these stripy friends blend in. Black coats with white stripes are correct for zebras. 

9.Two-headed zebra?

Photo illusion shade? Paris' lovely structure sinks, but the grass rises. French birds climbing a grassy hill are seen when the building is aligned.  

10. Sinking building?

Comet that passes Earth once every 71 years now visible in night sky